Speaker Name

Ahmad Roberto Biasizzo


Founder, Chairman & CEO

Ahmad Roberto Biasizzo.

Ahmad Roberto Biasizzo is coming with a successful experience from the Banking Sector in Italy, and served as CEO, Managing Director and Consultant of various Organizations and Joint-Ventures within Europe and the UAE, in different sectors such as Investments, Logistics, Hyper Market, Construction and Recycling.

Ahmad Roberto Biasizzo is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of BIASIZZO ZERO WASTE TECHNOLOGIES, currently finalizing the complex Engineering setup for the development of a State-of-Art Environmental / Industrial Multi-Purpose Project within the MENA Region. The first Start-Up expected to take Place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates; covering different areas of Sorting, Recycling and Treatment of different types of waste such as Domestic/Municipal Waste, Construction & Demolition Waste, Scrap Metal Waste, Used Tires Recycling and other complementary activities.

The main principle identifying the character, the vision and the mission of BIASIZZO ZERO WASTE TECHNOLOGIES is the compliance with the EU Emission Standards and Regulations, in line with the “Kyoto Protocol” and its successor, the “Paris Agreement”.

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Managing Director

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