Speaker Name

Christian Fischer

CF Security Consulting

Managing Director

Christian Fischer.

Christian is a specialist in securing complex buildings with any kind of access control systems. He was founding and running a couple of companies in the security business in Germany for over a quarter of a century and starting corporations in the Middle East market since 2003. As a German he is aware of all the regulations, certification standards and codes in the EU for securing buildings and knows how to handle and to integrate them. His suggested solutions are known as customer and user orientated. He supports suppliers, main contractors and architects finding the right solutions.

His studies at the Technical University of Munich are the background to his expertise. He is an advisor for the public hand and the industry in questions of setting specifications in tenders. His consulting company is located in Dubai, operating in the Middle East region.

Ahmad Roberto Biasizzo

Founder, Chairman & CEO


Jonathan J. Gonzalez

Project Engineer

Underwriters Laboratories Middle East