Mountain Glass


Luoyang Ming Te Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, is located in the famous historical and cultural city of Luoyang, after years of development, already has more than 40,000 square meters of factory buildings, more than 400 employees, a set of product development, design, production One of the glass deep processing equipment and technology suppliers, won the national high-tech enterprise honor.

At the beginning of the establishment of the company focused on R & D and manufacturing of deep processing of glass design of high-tech areas, the current "flat steel unit, bending steel unit, hyperboloid steel unit; laminated glass production line; high-grade silver mirror production line;" three product lines have been sold to the world , Has received the CCC, CE, CNAB three certification and the state issued by the utility model patent certificate and invention patent certificate to first-class product quality and superb technical services widely praised by domestic and foreign customers. At the same time in 2005 set up branches in Shanghai, but also to the more and more leap into the customer and the industry line of sight. To meet the global market demand for high-tech glass processing industry, the company in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and other countries and regions have also established a sales center and service center, improve after-sales service system for enterprise development problems and difficulties Guide the company to meet the global customer service and commitment.
Ming is precisely the innovation as the driving force to market-oriented out of a road belonging to their own, in the future, the famous will also strive for excellence, to zero defect products and quality services to lead the international market. 
MOUNTAIN Chinese is the meaning of the mountains, the main body of the logo is also the name of the English first letter M and T change combinations, sketched out a towering magnificent mountains, the whole simple atmosphere has a strong visual impact. Mark the middle of the red triangle is the glass of steel production process contains the most important part of the heating, showing a special people advancing with the times, struggling to build up the industry's leading position in a better vision. 
Logo to represent high-tech, innovation, progressive blue-based colors to red as the deputy tone, it is very viable, especially this is the case, always put the interests of customers first, and strive to create high-quality products to This as a corporate goal and culture, for excellence in quality and superior service in exchange for 100% customer satisfaction.

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