Tech Pro Group

Tec-Pro Group is established in 1989 and flourished since the eighties to the current state as Tec-Pro Group, a leader group of company. Tec-Pro Group Corporation experience has gained the trust of its customers, for the reliability and efficiency of its products and the elite services that no one could provide. Factories worldwide have already beneficiated from Tec-Pro Group Corporation market knowledge in order to flourish their business, evolve their plants, boom their productivity, and lead their markets. 

Our objective is to guarantee customer’s fluent and continuous production, Tec-Pro Group offers after-sales services, including spare parts, maintenance, training and upgrades. Tec-Pro Group has established itself in several locations around the Arab countries in order to be near to customers with a wide variety of services. Furthermore, maintenance and personalized service contracts are available in order to guarantee a consolidated relation.

Lastly, Tec-Pro Group invests a significant part of its annual turnover in Research Development, thereby ensuring the constant quality of its product and keeping the service that it provides to its clientele at a high level.


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