What are the benefits?

When visiting a trade event or exhibition, have you ever found yourself wondering if you should consider exhibiting the next year instead? There are a lot of benefits to being an exhibitor. We’ve listed just a few of the main advantages of exhibiting v/s the other mediums used to network, promote and grow businesses today.

1. USE Exhibitions to generate new leads

Generating new business and sales leads are the number one objective of companies exhibiting at trade events. Exhibitions, which are usually targeted to a specific industry that can benefit your business, open up a new channel for you to make personal connections, network and conduct direct selling.

83% of visitors have the authority to purchase or influence purchasing*

This in turn means that you are talking to the right audience at a time that they have chosen to attend, with the intention of looking to network too.

2. Know your competition

Exhibitions are a great way of keeping in check with your competition and ensuring that you are in place to secure your share of the market. Exhibitor lists are generally available on the event’s official website and is a good indicator of who you can expect to see at the event. Often a post-show report of the previous edition can also help understand the value your competitors see in the event.

3. Understand your target market

You can be almost certain that a well reputed exhibition will draw the right audience for the event. Organizers usually invest themselves in ensuring that they connect with influencers and target markets to invite to the show that will be of value to exhibiting companies. It is then in your favour to use this opportunity to speak to visitors, key buyers and competitors to get a better understanding of the needs of your targeted industry at the exhibition.

4. Make your company known

Exhibitions are a great way to increase brand awareness. Apart from showcasing your products and services directly to potential customers at your stand, exhibitions offer you the opportunity to market your company in many ways before, during and after the event. Make sure you enquire about all free and paid marketing opportunities that the event offers exhibitors.

5. Be remembered

Competition is forever growing, so what exactly do you do to stay at the top of your client’s minds?
Investing thousands of marketing dollars on mass advertisements and commercials is one option. The other option is, providing an experience that will live in their minds for months, sometimes even years!

Only 0.8 calls are needed to close a qualified trade show lead, compared to 3.7 calls to close a typical business sale.*

Allow visitors to engage with your products, participate in a competition, conduct impressive live demonstrations, announce the launch of a new innovative product or even impress them with branded giveaways and they are sure to remember you for a much longer time. Be sure to enquire about the sponsorship options an event can offer you to consider staying above competition and leave a lasting impression.

*Source: Marketingdonut