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AGC Obeikan Glass

AGC Obeikan Glass is the manufacturer of the energy-efficient architectural glass, with the state-of-the-art coating facility in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia. Strategic location and superior industrial infrastructure of the AGC Obeikan Glass are giving customers across the Middle East and Africa a faster access to the advanced products and services. Magnetron coater with 72 sputtering positions is designed, built and operated by AGC INTERPANE (Germany) - worldwide market leader in coating industry. The AGC Technovation Centre in Belgium brings together some 250 researchers, technicians and engineers, who are focusing on improving the glassmaking processes and developing new glass products to satisfy market needs. AGC Obeikan Glass is a part of AGC Group – a leader in the glass industry with the business extending into over 30 countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East and the Americas. Apart from the glass, the Group’s business includes electronics, chemicals and ceramics.